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Dr. Steven Kim, MD

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Dr. Steven Kim, MD has been a world-class urologist for over 15 years practicing primarily in Indianapolis and surrounding counties. He is committed to providing highest quality patient care in medical and surgical treatment for the female and male urinary tract and the male reproductive system.

Urology Is Our Specialty

Dr. Steven Kim’s mission is to provide state-of-the-art, patient-centered urologic care with integrity and compassion.

Bladder Cancer Rendering

Bladder Cancer

Enlarged Prostate Rendering

Enlarged Prostate

Kidney Stones Rendering

Kidney Stones

Why Choose Central Indiana Urology?

World-Class Urology Services

We offer most up to date and most advanced treatment modality for all aspects of urological care. Latest and cutting edge technology and treatment protocols are used in cancer care and other aspects of urology.

Highly Accredited Physician

Dr Kim has participated in research protocols for latest in treatment of urological cancers to advanced procedures in BPH. He is also published worldwide in different journals in urology research.

Thorough Patient Education

Dr. Kim believes in getting to know each patient personally. He takes time to explain every disease process and makes sure patients are comfortable with each treatment received.

Map of Our Locations

We have 3 different locations serving the needs of Central Indiana.